Video Journal

Don't just take our word - or even the word of our campers - about how great Hye Camp Sierra is. We're excited to share some videos with you, that reflect many of the varied aspects of camp life. Start by watching our Camp Program Videos here.  Here in our video journal, you'll notice that as you scroll down, we've included others that reflect many different aspects of camp life!

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"Hey, Soul Sister" @ Hye Camp Week 4 (2010)

What happens when over 180 people assemble for Hye Camp? A music video, of course! Filmed at the beautiful facility of the Armenian Church Summer Camp of the Western Diocese in California's San Joaquin Valley on August 12th, 2010, check out this year's video from the same team that brought you "Dr. Emmett & Mr. Belvedere" featuring each and every single person attending camp, everyone from the volunteer staff to the campers.

(special thanks to the Lip Dub team's "Hey, Soul Sister" filmed at Universitat De Vic!)


The Adventures of Dr. Emmett and Mr. Belvedere


Camp Sermons