Staff Positions

Directing Staff:

Position Title: Summer Camp Program Director/Assistant Director 
Classification: Seasonal – April through September
Reports to: Diocesan Executive Director and 
Summer Camp Committee Chairman


To: further the Western Diocese’s mission of the Western Diocese Summer Hye Camp program through the planning, delivery and supervision of program activities and events created by the Diocese and Camp Committee; work with the Camp Committee to design and deliver program activities that are safe, fun, and educationally appropriate to the campers’ age and abilities; implement the camp program; manage the overall Western Diocese Summer Camp Program at the direction of the Primate, Diocesan Executive Director and in collaboration with the Camp Committee. 
Mission Statement:

The Western Diocese Archbishop Vatché Hovsepian Summer Camp program is designed to nurture the bodies, minds, and spirits of Christian youth in a natural setting, providing a stimulating environment of community to inspire individual growth and the values of Christian fellowship.

Attend pre-camp Committee meetings;
Attend Family Camp (May 19, 2014)
Assist Committee in developing guidelines for utilizing camp equipment including, but not limited to sports equipment, arts and crafts equipment, golf carts, etc.;
Assist committee with staff selection and assignments;
Attend, oversee and facilitate all staff training sessions (June 2014);
Assist in developing field trips and special activities;
Prepare weekly schedule in collaboration with Camp Chaplains and Diocesan Youth Director;
Collaborate with assistant director on division of labor and work schedule for director and assistant director.

Supervise all paid and volunteer staff members;
Model staff and campers’ behavior consistent with Orthodox Christian faith;
Oversee camper and staff check-in and check-out;
Professional interaction with parents and adult staff;
Facilitate camper and staff orientation;
Facilitate daily program staff meetings, providing supervision and guidance;
Facilitate daily counseling staff meetings, providing supervision and guidance;
Encourage the development of counselor and staff skills;
Ensure curriculum is implemented daily in collaboration with Camp Chaplain and Diocesan Youth Director;
Ensure activities are implemented daily in collaboration with program staff;
Implement changes to daily schedule as needed;
Monitor and maintain adequate supply levels;
Problem-solve and resolve conflicts;
Timely report sensitive and confidential information to the Diocesan Executive Director;
Implement appropriate disciplinary action in collaboration with program staff, Diocese Executive Director, and Camp Chaplains;
Develop and ensure implementation of appropriate health and safety procedures; Develop and ensure implementation of appropriate emergency procedures;
Delegate job duties to Assistant Director.

Attend post-camp Committee meeting;
Evaluations of Campers;
Evaluations of all Staff;
Evaluate curriculum and activity delivery by Program Staff;
Provide feedback for overall quality and improvement.

Experience at Western Diocese Summer Hye Camp (preferred but not required);
College Degree in education, Christian education, camp administration, business administration, or similar;
ACA Camp Director Certificate – certification must be completed not later than the first day of staff training;
2+ years experience in leadership roles at a similar camp program (preferred but not required);
First Aid/CPR Certification – certification must be current and completed not later than the first day of staff training;
Current driver's license, proof of insurance and DMV printout;
Legal resident of the USA and eligible for work status;
Criminal background check (current);
Age 25 or older.

Group leadership/supervisory experience;
Experience working with adolescents; 
Ability to multi-task in fast-paced environment;
Strong oral and written communication skills;
Computer skills including word, spreadsheets, internet, and database processing;
Attention to detail;
Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information;
Outgoing and even-tempered personality;
Physical ability to lift up to 50 pounds.


Counseling Staff Positions

Cabin Counselor:

Counselors are responsible for the campers entrusted to his or her care AT ALL TIMES. Counselors will be expected to exhibit and promote respectful, Christian behavior in all aspects of camp life, including wearing attire appropriate for a CHURCH camp where clergy is present. Counselors encourage the active participation of all campers in the camp program. They help to maintain the camp schedule by ensuring that all campers are in the right place at the right time. They must come to camp prepared to help campers quickly develop cabin unity, with ideas for campfire, and with recommendations for talent show acts (these topics will be discussed at the camp preparation session). Most importantly, counselors are expected to participate fully in all camper activities and be good Christian role models.

Program Staff Positions

Arts & Crafts:

Responsibilities include implementing the arts and crafts program as designed by the Summer Camp Committee. This position involves organizing and neatly maintaining the arts and crafts pavilion, including its supply inventory. Duties also include assisting campers with their art and crafts projects and ensuring that projects are completed by the end of the week.

Sports/Afternoon Activities:

Responsibilities include implementing the sports, fishing, and afternoon activities as designed by the Summer Camp Committee. This position involves organizing and maintaining sporting equipment, including proper storage at the end of each day. Duties also include setting up sports activities in various venues, engaging campers in a variety of activities (i.e., Ararat games, capture the flag, relays, etc.), running tournaments (basketball, ping pong, tavloo etc.), organizing twilight hike, and ensuring that all campers are encouraged to participate.

Evening Activities:

Responsibilities include implementing the evening activities program, including campfires, talent show, twilight games, carnivals, game nights, karaoke nights, and dances, as designed by the Summer Camp Committee. This position is best suited for fun-loving, energetic individuals who can motivate campers, counselors, and staff to do silly things! These individuals must come to camp prepared with ideas and supplies/equipment to smoothly execute evening activities throughout the week.


Responsibilities include ensuring the orderly entrance and exit of campers from the Mess Hall at mealtimes. The hospitality staff will oversee KP duties and the cleanliness of the eating areas. The hospitality staff will work directly with the kitchen staff at meals and snack time, so that their needs are clearly communicated. This position is best suited for individuals who are comfortable asserting authority as some shouting may be involved! The ice cream social on the first evening as well as scheduled staff fellowship will hosted by the hospitality staff.

Kitchen Staff:

Responsibilities include delivering an attractive presentation of all meals and desserts to our campers and staff and helping to ensure everyone is served quickly so mealtimes are enjoyed in a timely fashion. The kitchen staff will also be responsible for evening num nums and campfire smores. The kitchen staff will assist the camp cooks with daily meal preparation (including our BBQs) as well as assist the hospitality staff with the ice cream social on the first evening.

Hye-Life Staff:

Responsibilities include publishing a camp newsletter that is distributed daily. The position requires strong computer and typing skills, and good knowledge of graphic design. Samples of previous newsletters are available. Duties also include publishing the Hye-Life Keepsake Edition, which is a "yearbook" capturing the entire week's activities in articles and photos. The Keepsake Edition is distributed to campers upon check-out. The Hye-Life staff will assist the office staff with camper check-in, camper check-out and other duties as needed during the week.

Office Staff:

Responsibilities include managing all general office functions, including but not limited to answering the telephone, organizing and sorting mail and parcels, photocopying, delivering messages to staff, and assisting with the publication and distribution of the Hye-Life newsletter. This position is best suited for organized individuals with pleasant people skills and strong communication skills (Armenian not required), as well as clerical and computer skills.

Night Watch:

Responsibilities include maintaining the safety and welfare of campers during the night hours. This position will be given to several individuals (both men and women) who will be posted outside cabins to ensure that campers are following "light out" rules. Sleep time will be provided during the day.

Camp Photographer:

Responsibilities include photographing camp activities throughout the week (including day trips) and posting photos on the camp website daily. Photos will also be used in the daily Hye-Life publications and the Keepsake Edition. This individual will also assist with the publication of the Hye-Life Keepsake Edition. Position requires good photography and computer skills.