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Camp 2014

Week 1: July 13-July 19 (closed for campers, and staff) Director: Mike Hollis

Week 2: July 20-July 26 (closed for campers, and staff) Director: Regina Pryor

Week 3: July 27-August 2 (closed for campers, and staff) Director: Lisa Kalustian

Week 4: August 3-August 9 (closed for campers, and staff) Director: Lisa Kalustian

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Staff Home

 ALL WEEKS FULLY STAFFED!  Thank you to those who volunteered to create a memorable week of camp for the Campers.


All staff represent the Armenian Church and the goals of the Western Diocese. All staff personnel will assist wherever assigned, as needed for the best interest of the Camp, and are encouraged to have a current C.P.R. and/or First Aid Certification. All staff must be 18 years old. Applications will be reviewed and final decision for acceptance is based on approval of the Summer Camp Committee. Submission of an application does not guarantee a position on the staff team.

If you have never been to Camp, you and your family can attend the annual Family Day to see our facility and experience a sample of activities available at Camp.  Or if you are ready, you can begin your application process.

Staff Announcements

  • All STAFF applicants MUST now be 18 years of age or older in order to volunteer as a member of our camp STAFF. If you are currently 17, but will be 18 the day before your week of camp starts, you may still apply to be a STAFF member.
  • Applications received by the Priority Deadline of April 30th will receive priority placement at Camp. All staff applications submitted prior to the April 30th deadline are reviewed as if they all were received the same time and applicants are ultimately are slotted where they are needed (taking into consideration their preferences as much as possible). Staff is not placed on a first come first serve basis the same way the campers are.
  • If you are unsure of your summer availability, we strongly encourage you to apply by the Priority Deadline.  It is better to apply early and request a change than applying later and possibly not getting placed at Camp.
  • These applications will be considered conditional and you will be placed as needed.  In order to increase your chances of placement, we encourage you to include all weeks/positions you are available.
  • Taking the bus to camp?

Bus fee (Northern California and Southern California): $80

Bus fee (Central California): $30

Camp 2014

  • Week 1: July 13-July 19 Director: Mike Hollis
  • Week 2: July 20-July 26  Director: Regina Pryor
  • Week 3: July 27-August 2 Director: Lisa Kalustian
  • Week 4: August 3-August 9 Director: Lisa Kalustian

Other Important Dates for Camp 2014

  • February 14th - Staff Apps Available
  • May 17th - Family Day
  • April 30th - Priority Deadline for Staff
  • May 15th - Staff Confirmations Sent for those who applied by April 30th
  • May 15th - Staff may begin on-line training
  • May 31st - Last day to submit Conditional Staff Applications
  • June 15th - On-line Training deadline for ALL Staff
  • June 21st- Primary Staff Training at St. James in Los Angeles
  • June 28th - Secondary Staff Training at St. Gregory in Fowler (for those who cannot attend Primary Training)