Attending Armenian Church Summer Camp at Camp Hye Sierra is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime. The Armenian Church Summer Camp Board is excited to announce our Buy-a-Brick campaign. We are inviting you to become a permanent part of Camp history by purchasing a commemorative 4x8 inch brick in our new Great Lodge Courtyard. This is a unique and special way for your child, family, business or you to be honored in a lasting and memorable way. 

Thank you for supporting Camp Hye Sierra with your contribution to our newly completed Great Lodge Courtyard.


Click Here to Download the Flyer


Some ideas for your commemorative brick inscription are:

  • Your child's name and the current year of their attendance
  • A dedication to your favorite Counselors, CIT’s, Staff Members, and Alumni
  • Your family's name
  • An inspirational message
  • Honoring a special family member with a lasting memento
  • A message in memory of a relative that is with God
  • etc... the number of commemorative ideas is unlimited! 

We invite you to surprise your camper with a brick commemorating their Armenian Church Summer Camp experience!

The cost of each 4x8 inch brick is $100.00 or purchase an 8x8 inch brick for $250.00ea.  The funds raised will be used to make necessary improvements to Camp Hye Sierra and to keep our facility looking beautiful!

Buy Your Brick Today!


          $100                                                     $250