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Thursday at Hye Camp - Week 4

Thursday was an awesome day. It actually sprinkled a little early in the morning which made it a bit cooler than the rest of the week. Our youngest girls are on their way to becoming avid fishers and archers and are dominating in those two areas. The camp was a buzz with talk of the talent show all day. Our participants delivered! They showed off their many talents and had the audience at the edge of their seats. We closed out our day with a traditional campfire and off to bed…lights out!

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Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a day filled to the brim with fun
It started out at chapel where we were greeted by the sun
Then breakfast, cabin cleanup, and morning classes made up our schedule text
The day seemed pretty usual with no indication of the excitement that was to come next.

The first ever Hye Camp Dunlapian Games started at lunch,
All of the cabins were mixed up to group new friends in a bunch.
Each team competed and no one wanted to make a mistake,
The reward for the winning team was sweet…getting to throw your counselor in the lake!

Then everyone washed up and got their hair nice and smooth
Anticipating the May the Forest be with You dance to show off their moves
As the sounds of campers singing and dancing echoed and the arbor twinkled with lights
We can’t help but stop and be thankful for our beautiful camp and what was a most memorable night.

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Tuesday at Camp

Our day began with fishing at the lake,
About 40 campers woke up early to see who could cast the best bait,
A few fish were caught and promptly returned to their friends,
The campers watched the lake in awe not knowing where it ends.

Next up were classes including bible study and dance,
Not to forget Traditions & Customs and music classes where campers were encouraged to take a chance,
The afternoon sun smiled down on us while we swam, did crafts and enjoyed the outdoors
Then washed up for dinner that was so yummy we all wanted more.

As the sun began to set, we packed up our water bottles and flashlights,
And set off on a fun hike that is always best at night,
It would be easy to think “How could this day get any more amazing?”
But it could, and it did, when we all went stargazing!